“Panelist feedback really validated our business model.”

The Funding Feeding Frenzy was a great event. As a presenting company, the feedback from the panelists really validated our business model and our value proposition. I know that we’re going in the right direction with our business. The networking at the Funding Feeding Frenzy was great and we met a great amount of real quality entrepreneurs and investors. We made some great investor contacts and are currently heading in a very positive direction with some of them. The Funding Feeding Frenzy really delivered on having many great companies present and even offered a wonderful opportunity to improve my own presentation.

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“The Funding Feeding Frenzy was an excellent experience.”

The Funding Feeding Frenzy was an excellent experience for Sick Tea, LLC for a number of reasons. As it was our first time presenting our company in this format, we learned exactly what investors care about and how to get the most positive response from them. Along with presenting, simply having the opportunity to listen to the other companies present and answer the panelist questions provided a tremendous amount of value for us on how to present our information. The chance to get such honest feedback from the panelists probably saved us a year. We were able to get the same amount of feedback at this one event that would probably take us 5 presentations to acquire.

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