Heartland Angels, Inc.

Heartland Angels, Inc. is a private equity network that brings together accredited investors with early stage start-up companies looking for equity partners.

Heartland Angels seeks to invest in companies that discover and develop the next generation of innovation and thereby influence emerging industry trends. This focus creates an opportunity to obtain superior financial and social returns on our investments for both the company and the investor.

Ronald L. Kirschner, M.D. is President of Heartland Angels, Inc. While practicing medicine, he started 3 companies of his own in the healthcare field dealing with Nutrition, Managed Care, and Utilization Review.

Dr. Kirschner received his BA from Beloit College and was awarded his Medical Degree from St. Louis University. He has completed residencies in Emergency Medicine at the University of Chicago and in Anesthesia at West Virginia University. He received his MBA in Finance from DePaul University.

Learn more: http://www.heartlandangels.com/