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Infinitybox, LLC

Infinitybox, LLC manufactures advanced electrical power distribution products for builders of custom vehicles.  The ISIS Power brand covers a broad range of products to simplify the installation of wiring harnesses in recreational vehicles, limousines, busses, armored vehicles, service trucks and first responder equipment.  Since its inception in 2009, there are more than 1,300 ISIS Power systems in the field.  The ISIS Power products provide a simple, modular power distribution system for any vehicle builder.  The multiplexed architecture dramatically reduces the total amount of wiring in the vehicle, in some cases eliminating hundred pounds of weight.  Additionally, ISIS Power adds advanced features and functions to the vehicle that are not available in conventional wiring systems.  Instead of having to add separate modules to the vehicle, these functions can be built into the ISIS system.  The net gain to the customer is a more functional electrical system at a lower total installed cost.


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