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Smart Gardener an online tech platform and solution, enables individuals and their communities to grow and share hyper-local food. Smart Gardener automatically pulls weather data, geo-location, household size, matching vegetables, fruits, cover crops and herbs from our proprietary database — giving users an up-to-date view of their growing conditions with no data entry, import or synching required. Our proprietary technology categorizes all their agricultural options, showing users what, when, and how much to plant, including automating and tracking their progress, etc. It can automatically calculate harvest costs so users can see what money they saved each month in food costs. Smart Gardener profiles and track users growing choices and can suggest alternatives products, plants and techniques that are personalized and targeted. The service can also identify and track local growers and other sources in a community with which to share, trade or sell their food.  The platform is built to integrate with smart devices and sensors to further automate mass adoption of personal and direct producer to consumer markets.


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